• Ms_Madeline
    A uniquely subversive old bird with an uncommon sense of imagination... has a bad habit of writing poetry and short stories (many of which are published) and reading them aloud at open mike events, much to the horror of the general public... best to feign
  • atestedlife
    I am a tested life. From birth till present. I've created a few and I've taken a few. I've lived a few and I'll live some more. I live with the joy and guilt of my lives every day. This is my journey.
  • melting_dreams
    I have a purple unicorn named Barney "Oh no you don't" oh yes I do. Did i mention I think I might be mad but I do have a certificate to prove it. (it's written in crayon but shhhh)
  • SparklyyCricket
    later lovie
  • impish
    preoccupied with being busy
  • Royalbtch
    Outgoing, Kinky, Random, Sexy, Alpha Bitch! A 2x girl in a size 2 world & that's life baby!!
  • spexy_girl
    nothing much to tell.
  • ombre_violette
    If I've sent you here, you already know all you need to know.
  • heidivodka
    I'm a geek who loves man city, star trek, snes games,BSG,digg,gym and all things erotic
  • AmazonWitchDoctor
    I am a Professional Dominatrix with 1763 House of Domination. We are the largest dungeon in the southeast