• BlindBirder
    I'm a big blind dude who loves languages, percussion and birds. I love Audio Boo, but we Americans are scarce.
  • SocialHiking
    Free web app that lets share your progress outdoors live on a map with embedded tweets, photos, videos, audio (from audioboo) and other media.
  • RaquelG
    Constant reader, technical writer, international music-lover, shower singer, recreational 12-string player, former technology trainer, OK cook, dog person…
  • tookiebunten
    I'm Scottish and a Ayrshireman now living in South Lanarkshire, working in Glasgow. Most of what you really want to know is here, http://www.google.com/profiles/davidtookiebunten
  • boosounds
    I am a happily married, legally blind writer and artist. I walk everywhere in my neigh-boo-hood.
  • SmirnieOutdoors
    Walker of hills, lover of my woman, can opener for my animals.Passionate about mountains, bears & single malt.
  • soulcruzer
    Blogger, #SocialTechHippie and adventurer in pursuit of being a happy human. SocialTech, #SocialRadio and stories.
  • YoGeek
    Yogini Podcaster, New Media Producer & Consultant, Mac Girl + Mama to 2 powerful princesses ☺ Bringing the Geek to the Yogi and the Yogi to the Geek!
  • JessicaGreen
    Howdy! This is JessicaGreen, owner of a startup inbound marketing firm in Scottsdale, AZ USA. Currently, there is a great demand online for competent marketing firms and my vision is to fill that gap being that I'm a web designing and web development savv
  • clivewalker
    Freelance web designer/developer. Sometimes fair weather cyclist/mountain biker. Living in West Sussex.
  • Gear-Zone
    Trading online since the early 00's Gear-zone have been selling the best brands in outdoor clothing and equipment. Just recently we have added sports brands such as football, tennis, cricket and rugby.
  • cjradstrom
    Photographer/farmer based in Lapland, Sweden
  • Beuteltiere
    ultralight hiker, traveler, nature addict, blogger... Need to know more?
  • goalballer
    listen and you'll hear all about me and the people who are important to me
  • topgold
    American who returned to Ireland. Freelance tech journo and college lecturer. Inactive pilot. Lazy jogger. Pic by @miarosegold.
  • javierleite
    also http://javierleite.blogspot.ie/