• Psythor
    Editor of The @PodDelusion, joint founder of @SkepticalVoter. Tweets are my own personal ill-informed opinions, unrelated to my employer!
  • craigwhitephd
    Divisional Clinical Lead in the Quality Unit, Health and Social Care, The Scottish Government
  • Radio4PeaceBuilding
    Helping the media understand how to manage and prevent conflict internationally.
  • cuttiehulk
    I really find it interesting to listen to nice music. It really makes me love music more. I am now doing three-page music essay writing project
  • JohnBaish
    I work for the BBC in Berkshire, and will sometimes post audio from our output, but this is a personal account.
  • thetombigwood
    BBC journalist working on Radio 4's The World at One, PM, Broadcasting House and The World This Weekend. My views not those of the BBC.
  • glomph
    I am not a guinea pig, and not a Meerschweinchen, either. The photo is of the late, great Sally.
  • ne1sportszone
    presenter of the sports zone on newcastle community radio station NE1fm saturdays from 2 til 5.10 pm, 102.5 fm or www.ne1fm.net, also broadcast on spice fm excluding last 10 minutes, 98.8 fm or www.spicefm.co.uk
  • TheVinnyShow
    Download 'The Vinny Show' podcast from our website or from our iTunes store. You can also catch Vinny on Blast 106 every Sunday from 1900-2100 and BBC Radio Ulster. Click the links below for more information. Visit our iTunes Store and subscribe. You can
  • kierandowney
    always looking to find content and styles that involves Religion, faith, morality and philosophy which will engage and interact with my students
  • davidlilley
    Modern Media Marketing Specialists