• golfhoipolloi
    Beer enthusiast. Amateur troublemaker. Travel junkie. Typical tv advocate. Introvert.
  • Flipzgr8
    28. Love to read, write and point out spelling mistakes.. Have a weakness for food. Have a daughter and a dog.
  • MorrowComms
    Morrows is an experienced integrated communications consultancy based in Holywood, Co Down, Northern Ireland. CIPR Outstanding PR Consultancy of the Year 2012/13
  • CherylMello
    Reader. Music scholar. Gamer. Typical bacon aficionado. Passionate entrepreneur. Evil thinker. visit this site:http://goodwaystoearnmoney.com
  • TubeLaunch
    Tv lover. Thinker. Organizer. Incurable pop culture scholar. Food nerd. Devoted communicator.
  • StephaniePhillips
    Student. Coffee specialist. Twitter advocate. Food practitioner. Web trailblazer. Internet junkie. visit this site:http://www.nrl500.com.au
  • CWhyte1928
    Trainee Misanthropist, Arrogant Atheist and Sexual Predator. I saw a squirrel once.
  • SaraCarpenter
    Professional bacon fanatic. Freelance twitter guru. Tv maven. Communicator. Beer aficionado. visit this site:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0RmzFFR2to
  • ChrisHazzardSF
    Sinn Féin MLA for South Down - also trying to finish my Doctorate in Political Philosophy in spare time!!
  • Marie-ClaireDoris
    ... all my own noise ...
  • jowlardent
    Problem solver. Hardcore travel scholar. Explorer. Infuriatingly humble music enthusiast. Total twitter expert.
  • flinklilypad
    Alcohol scholar. Amateur zombie nerd. Proud coffee aficionado. Hipster-friendly organizer.
  • tentgubbins
    Devoted zombie fan. Food enthusiast. Amateur analyst. Thinker. Tv specialist. Pop culture guru.