• gmattyuk
    excitable gay person
  • craigyboi
    Scottish Ginger leftie. loves life,coffee & beards.
    Super friendly Toby :)
  • NL_84
    Teacher, tech head. Views expressed are my own.
  • DaddyBearCub
    I'm the head of the gay mafia and tweet about just about everything. It's basically a random head dump
  • stressedtechnician
    An electrical technician working in higher education.
  • dboling03
    I am pretty much all over the web right now and I like treasure hunts so I am not telling you anything. You just have to find me. I will give you two hints (dboling03, dbboling, dlion73) and (facebook, twitter, youtube, Google +, dailybooth, so many more)
  • emsninja77
    Running around trying to figure things out.