The Nigel Scream, The Archers

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almost 4 years ago

Judging by the length of his scream, I'm guessing he lived in a five-story home? ;-)

skevosmavros almost 4 years ago


We found out about this late in the day, when Tim told us at a recent Reeling and Writhing show. Everyone loves a good internet sensation. Amazing response this got!

innerear almost 4 years ago


It never occurred to me that anyone would listen to this who didn't know 'The Archers', but oh the joy of the internet.
So, 'The Archers' is a continuing radio Drama (soap) on BBC Radio 4. It has been running for sixty years and is a national institution. It's set in a rural farming community in the heartland of English England.
The sixtieth anniversary edition included a controversial storyline that ended with the death of popular character 'Nigel', who fell from the roof of his home.
Much more about the 'The Archers' can be found here:

TimNunn almost 4 years ago


I have no idea what this is but it sounds funny.

MarshmallowDen almost 4 years ago


And this is the original (AIFF) file:

TimNunn almost 4 years ago


Thanks to massive and overwhelming public demand The Nigel Scream is back. And sorry to those of a more sensitive disposition.
If you want to download the file apparently you just .mp3 to the web address.

TimNunn almost 4 years ago