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over 5 years ago, Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Did they film your talk at TED? Would love to see it!

damostarr over 5 years ago


I'm very jealous - I've recently become the biggest fan of TED and would give anything to sit in a couple of lectures in person. The podcasts shall have to do for now! Toodle pip!

simoncveracity over 5 years ago


{Oh btw; I meant the quality of yr voice!} xx

__nahatsu2 over 5 years ago


Hiya.... wow it's pretty amazing to hear what's happening over there on yr side of the planet! I just signed back onto the computer having eaten the better part of a loaf of bread (Kidding!! lol) nah.. seriously; really great to hear yr voice... you have such a fine timber.. ciao x

__nahatsu2 over 5 years ago


@fryphile: A nice, unobtrusive piece like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZB3sd2BAxys for example. Although this recording failed to make my teeth chatter. With a more aggressive orchestra that opening piece would compliment Mr Fry nicely as he dominates the proceedings.

lholmq42 over 5 years ago


Ignore the antipodean - and bless google, I just went and looked it up. My world must have gotten mightly myopic for something like this to be taking place and I didn't even know - so thanks for the BOO Mr. Fry - I am illumniated, interested and now, getting educated!

sammileigh over 5 years ago