On the shower armageddon

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almost 3 years ago

Oh my goodness! What a complete nightmare! And what a hero you are for sorting it out all on your own! I think I would have broken down and cried, especially with that tap not budging. Well done, you!

jn2n almost 3 years ago


Some crying may have occurred. And some colourful language. And a couple of panicked "get home right NOW" phone calls.

But I can multitask :D

Pewari almost 3 years ago


Bad luck! You seem to have bad karma with water. :-( Good for you for getting the water shut off and not just sitting down in the water and crying like I would have done.

__Nheiges almost 3 years ago


Oh what I nightmare! Your quick reactions saved the day - the damage would've been considerable if you'd not been so swift.
It's a Shower Shocker!
Care to name the manufacturer and model?
See, I knew it was worth getting your side of the story.

sm2n almost 3 years ago