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    • dzakyem Some help to collaborate in a mindmap on creativity if you would like to:
    • Pewari I'm really behind on this conversation so this might have been said later, but I don't think that's what akrabat meant about the difference between creativity/inspiration. Inspiration is the *source* of creativity, but the actual CREATION of the creative product *is* hard work and I think we ignore that at our peril. Anything really really good and creative does need a lot of effort to bring to fruition and I think we have this myth in our society that we just have to wait for the right "muse" and that if we haven't been creative it's because we've just been unlucky and not been "struck". This ignores the hours and hours of hard work that needs to be done to make the "muse" far more likely to pay a visit ;)
    • dzakyem And if we developped mindmaps together?... The childish aspect of creativity exists I think. Why bother and create if not for fun's sake? Experiencing liberty while creating. Watching newness arise, mysteriously, organically. By the way, many creators say that their work arises by itself, creates itself, that they are just the medium to allow their creation to see the light. Consequently, liberty is all relative. Once more we can't presume too much of the result. Creativity is an opened attitude towards what may come up while we play at combining elements of the world and of our imagination.
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    • Ernmander loved it :) will be tuning in for your #NaPodPoMo updates :)
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    BAC = Blood Alcohol Concentration limit for Illinois is .08 for non commerical drivers and .04 for CDL holders. DUI = Driving...
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    As mentioned in the boo, I've done this video tutorial to show how you can easily download all of someone's boos... ...
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    • slandi Hey Simon and all, I was going to do an AudioBoo, but my throat is rather sore at the moment, so I'll just type this out. OK, so I got curious and checked IODA Promonets terms of use and sure enough, in section 2 Limited Promotional License it clearly states that permission is granted to the Podcaster I.E. the Poet who originally had used the song material in their video, a license to use the song as long as... and here I believe is the clincher, it is solely distributed from the URL mentioned in the application to the IODA Promonet. So, say the videographer/poet who put together the video with the music submitted their Youtube account orwhatever URL they used to distribute the original video and then it appeared on your Youtube channel, bingo, it's a violation of the agreement and therefore IODA would be correct in saying that it was a copyright infringement. You're right about Youtube, they should have granted a few days for you to contact IODA and perhaps going through the proper channels, get the proper rights to use song on your Youtube URL specifically. Anyhow, here is the link to the terms and conditions for IODA Promonet, it's a rather dry read, but It might clarify some points. Stefano
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    • NickHollowayVox
    • sm2n A fantastic analysis. I wouldn't block you, even if I could. And this boo doesn't make me want to. You used the word 'share' many times in this boo. And we all remember the kid who grudgingly 'shared' their toy with another child but never actually let go of it. Not a genuine way of sharing. You have to let go, and the same is true of a boo you've just made. More thoughts to come in a boo reply. But thank you for this fine boo.
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    • sm2n Your wife is right, of course.
    • macolgan Thanks for the comments Simon. :) You are indeed very astute with regards to the sweet seller. Exactly how my wife saw this when I told her and she reckons if he has 100% markup, he has to sell 104 bags to break even !!!! Always appreciate your insight :))
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    • NickHollowayVox Beaut. "I have a lot to be thankful for; my friends, my family, and of late my new found friends on Audioboo. Many people don't understand, "How can you form friendships and somewhat of a relationship without ever meeting people?". You listen to people, you listen to them talk, sometimes they pour out their innermost feelings and are just reaching out to other human beings. That's important. I don't think people do that enough. Many of the other platforms out there they don't lend themselves to that kind of connection, the way the recorded voice does... the kind of mundane stuff, that sill can be intersting, because it's a peek into someone else's life and expands your own life and makes you think outside of the little cubicle that we either live or work in, it helps us get out of that shell. It's bewidlering that several thousand kilometres away are people that I want to listen to and I want to hear what they're doing with their lives, I care about how their children are doing and want to find out more about them. Isn't that interesting? Isn't it strange that we can connect with people who are thousands of kilometres away, more that people who are right next door? And not only that but we sometimes know more about them, and feel a certain connection and similarities. It's amazing."