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    • AmHamShow Thank you: -Densco from HolyCrap -der_sema from WakaPod -elogy from TeenBeat - aka -Franger from France without fries! - and least and last: JIMMY - from the AmHamShow's early days, who is one of the most artistically inclined people I've ever met, yet, too bad he's Italian! - thanks for hanging! brohugz!
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    • AmHamShow ...neither here nor there - yet - don't mean to be an ass - but - what happened to his upper lip?
    • AmHamShow I admit, listening to me reading out loud isn't pretty. I'm slightly dyslexic and it's a rather challenging task I need to refrain from, but I really wanna hear from someone on the right regarding this issue.
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    • AmHamShow gonna go to work: see ya at YOUR FreeWay OffRamp!
    • AmHamShow I lost my mic: . . . anyone have a spare?
    • AmHamShow :D HAhAhAhaAHAhaahA!!! @_AmHam blocked me on twitter! - - - Someone please give her my regards! . . . I still got the skillz! ;)
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    • AmHamShow Now that Kathy knows me a bit, I will feel more comfortable to ask her about being homeless in PART ThreE. ...(we all have stories)... Thank you for listening, AmHam
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    • AmHamShow btw - this was a shout out to Onkel uLLLi aka @YABIP of . . . who will be here with me one day soon . . .
    • AmHamShow On the first full day I took our guests on a walk in one of the nicest places in Los Angeles, which is a secret space on top of the cliffs, hundreds of feet above the pacific ocean where I used to go as a kid. We enjoyed our walk and the fresh breeze, hopped in the car and went down to 'Ports'o'Call' in San Pedro, where I even started to get a bit of that 'touristy' feeling, as this little harbor front shop and restaurant village has become predominantly Mexican. I did enjoy myself, as for a brief moment I got to imagine that even I, this hardly hard-working bum even took the time to have a little vacation. It felt even more like a break away from my stress and worry when we jumped over the Vincent Thomas Bridge and ate IceCream in the Shorline Village of Long Beach. The weather was perfect and I ate Ice Cream without shedding a tear! . . . I mean, why should I have shed one - The weather was perfect and I had a scoop of pistachio IceCream - right? Gotta tell you tho - THESE KRAUTS : Always Hungry! Did a quick drive by at the Queen Mary and rushed these EatingMachines to In-And-Out-BURGER - where we picked up 5 Cheezburgers (AnimalStyle) and 3 orders of fries - and that was just for @Kulle1000 alone. Well - we returned to the FamilyHouse - Kulle was nice enough to share - and for dessert we had the "crunchy's" pictured above . . . and in this AmHamBoo you'll hear it all! Oh - BTW - the rediculous laughter in the beginning ensued from KittyMoM still not saying her single line in the opening of take THREE! - - - (and she was an actress!) - - - OH - AND - Kulle . . . well . . . he's a PussPuss - as he was the only one that flaked out on eating the hopping delight! . . . more to come tomorrow . . .
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    • AmHamShow . . . what is ???
    • AmHamShow . . . she ain't got nothing on me: VEVO: YouTube: Wikipedia: YoMomma:
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    • Kevin444socal yes, did listen to this a few times . maybe twice. you did not mention the specific gym. no worries. guessing it's 24 hours . ?
    • AmHamShow Hi, Thank you for checking out my boo and spending a few minutes with me. To all OldSchool AmHamShowPodcast listeners, please give AudioBoo some kind words and thank them for this awesome app that will allow me to stay in touch with you. To all new listeners, welcome! I am a bit rusty, but I'll get back into the swing of things, I promise! Comments are greatly appreciated and/or you can follow me on twitter and get to know me, ...(or rather TheAmHam)! sshhh! I love AudioBoo!!! I love you all!!! LATER
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    • Kevin444socal one question? just where and how did all this stuff get accumulated....? maybe a follow up boo ?... just curious and maybe a idea for a follow up boo....second of all do i at least get a mad magazine for attempting to help you all? let me know(OK maybe two questions).
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    • AmHamShow ooops - Bens' twitter is @belisarius and Marinas' Blog is - check it!
    • AmHamShow Please check out: and follow her on twitter: @Marinaisgo Thank you Ben and Marina for hanging with me, hope we can do it again! ...and GIGANTIC thanks to Mark Rock and the AudioBooTeam for being so good to me!
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    • AmHamShow . . . so dig these people:
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    • creohn Boahh, das Mädchen geht ja gar nicht. Reim mich oder ich freß dich! Wer hört sich sowas an & warum ist so 'n Scheiß in den Podster-Charts?
    • AmHamShow Give her some love: B(y) T(he) W(ay): I 'am' NoT creative - just completely insane! - - - FACT!!!
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    . . . how long does it take you to change a tire?
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    • Kevin444socal infrastructure was the word you were looking for:1. basic organization: the system according to which a company, organization, or other body is organized at the most basic level