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    • stellar808 I'd want more pills.
    • Kat My source of inspiration from this boo... came from a book called Allen Carr's Easy To Lose Weight Book Not totally sure how this question fits in with losing weight ... thats why i felt i had to ask the masses :)
    • Anorak-east Ok we've had quite a range of opinion on this dilemma - I am fascinated to know what your source of inspiration was, Kat. Are you ready to spill the beans yet? In eager wishes from the far east (relatively speaking)
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    • WorldAccordingtoRich Hmmm....looking forward to sharing notes in a couple of weeks!
    • kenrg Sounds like a fun and wild ride... Throwing caution to the wind career-wise is necessary at times, and I've certainly done it. It's also a bit scary, particular at times like these... but that doesn't make it any less necessary. Check your brakes and let 'er rip!
    • andymooseman I remember making go-karts as well. No health & safety back in those days. There are times when we think too much & over analyse. Kids know no fear, that develops as you get older. But, it does hinder us somewhat & that fear does hold us back. If we could combine the lack of fear of a child & the (supposed) wisdom of an adult, think what we could do.
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    Here is the link to the original writing, by Zee Charnoe, from which this audio recording was produced: ON COMPLETION vs....
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    • ecohealth2003 Here is a more complete list of key words: Zee Charnoe, completion, complete, extend, extendability, elegance, perfection, Robert A. Monroe, out-of-body, out-of-body exploration, hemispheric synchronization, brain hemisphere, change, remember, express, evil, teacher, student, union, one, sad, love, joy, balance, entropy, motion, being, plan, implication, inference, big bang, emergent flow, creation, Plato, psychic, connection, engrams, reception, consequences, moral, self govern, everything connected, accountable, connect, connected, love, celebration, disappoint, uniform, unique, complement, complementarity, stasis, scale, fixation, derivative, energy, Jesus, problem, complain, resource, reality, sleep, purpose, provisional limit, chance, random, accident, feedback, imagine, attention, cadence, music, musical theory, resolve, ecophysics, principle, relate, compound, complex, synthesis, system gain, harmony, harmonic set, progression, coexist, freedom, proximity, medium, message, contain, convey, pattern, tone, key, design, art, cartoon, simplify by elimination, attention span, cognitive capacity, analogy, maximum diversity, minimum inventory, knowing, meaning, essay, précis, thesis, book, colour, hue, energy parcel, whiteness, white, Planck’s constant, dark matter, infinite, infinitesimal, density, intermittent, delusion, pattern potential, superstitious, superstition, arrogant, as above so below, axiom, fractal, transdimensional fractal, Hermes, Hermetic, quantum mechanics, number of relationships / number of themes, inventory, infinite, infinitesimal extension, colour, hue, Dr. Rick Strassman, DMT, dimethyltryptamine, Dr. Michael Persinger, Laurentian University, pioneer, trail blazer (Jennifer)
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    (Part 2 of 2) Here is the link to the original document from which this recording is produced: ON COMPLETION vs. EXTENDABILITY ...
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