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    This recording is designed to be used by learners or teachers of English. There are vocabulary notes included in the comments section.
    • __Bettina013 Hi Luke, this sounds really funny. It could be included in your comedy sketches.
    • LukeThompson VOCABULARY: (Teeth, etc) In this episode: brush your teeth a dentist keep your mouth clean avoid bad breath breathe in your face it stinks it's anti-social look after your teeth to chew food your jaw first thing in the morning covered in some kind of disgusting slime bacteria called tartar it builds up in your mouth acid tends to corrode things it will eat away at the enamel in your teeth you might end up going to the dentist they'll stick some kind of drill in your mouth I have to pull the tooth out with a big pair of pliers they pull the tooth out a brush bristles a high-tech brush we associate mint with clean healthy teeth its better for your breath get a big generous globule of toothpaste on your brush types of teeth: molars at the back, incisors at the front, canine teeth you'll wear your gums down Vocab not in this episode: a filling milk teeth the tooth fairy to have a sweet tooth to floss your teeth to gargle with mouthwash plaque flouride