The After Hour Show is not just another boring talk show. On this show There are two hosts Marc Hamel and Tyler Patraw. We share some of the funniest videos on the web and we take pride in finding videos as soon as they are released and spend the whole week deciding which videos are the best to share with our listeners.

We always play games on our show and often times give away big prizes to our listeners when they play the game with us. The show has a wide variety of games from trivial to common knowledge. We always switch up the rotation so listeners don’t get bored with the games.

The news we share on our show is not your standard news. We try to keep things funny as we only bring you the most unusual news from the week. We always look forward to talking to our listeners during the show. If you ever have a story to tell about any of the topics we are talking about you can always send them to us on our facebook and we might even read it live on the air!