Drive with Jerome and Pariya
  1. Jerome Calls Out the Honey Badger
  2. Jerome Suffers Serious Delayed FOMO on Drive
  3. Real Men Can Cry, says Fanny
Afternoons with Maria
  1. Afternoons with Maria 'Post Malone' Dimitrakas
Mornings with Jake
  1. You'll Never Guess This Sound
  2. In Defence of the HoneyBadger: A Plea by Jake Harvey
  3. In Defence of the HoneyBadger: A Plea by Jake Harvey
Breakfast with Katie and Dean
  1. Jo Toranto Shares her Tips for Going Green
  2. NEXT Producer Jack Thinks It's Easy Being Green
  3. Tom Whitaker Recaps a Massive Night at the ACRAS
  4. Katie and Dean Trade Weetbix Nostalgia Stories
The Trap League
  1. The Trap League: Tornts
  2. The Trap League: Fraksha
  3. The Trap League: KHA Part I
  4. The Trap League: KHA Part II
Before a Live Studio Audience
  1. Before A Live Studio Audience #1: Everybody Loves Raymond
  2. Before A Live Studio Audience #2: Becker
  3. Before A Live Studio Audience #3: Seinfeld
  4. Before A Live Studio Audience #4: Fraiser
Bank On It
  1. Episode 1 - The Great Plane Robbery of 1971
  2. Episode 2 - Australia's First Ever Bank Robbery
  3. Episode 3 - The Postcard Bandit
  4. Episode 4 - The 1984 Sydney Heist and Hostage Crisis
Mornings with Maria on AFTRSFM
  1. Sam Stove: Building A Radio Empire
Katie & Jerome on AFTRSFM
  1. Sydney Drag Icon Prada Clutch is on Tour!
  2. Addressing the Elephant in the Room with Stephanie Vasiliou
  3. A Week in US Politics With Sean Britten
  4. Ian Wright & the Slovenly Habits that Save Water
AFTRS Radio Plays 2018
AFTRS Student highlights
  1. The Podcasts You Should Be Listening To
  2. The Effects of Equine Therapy on PTSD
  3. Weird Ways To Watch Movies
  4. What's with Tax?
Press Play
  1. Certified Fresh TV
  2. What's Your Favourite Movie? Be Honest...
  3. Blade Runner 2
  4. Rick and Morty
Corners of the Internet
  1. Geoguessr
  2. Weird Games
  3. Odd Instas
What's Next?
  1. What legally changes when you turn 18?
  2. Gap Year, Work or Uni?
  3. Penalty Rates
  4. Renting 101
Yeah Nah, True Story
  1. Did Liam find Yoga or did Yoga find Liam?
  2. Have you ever, ever felt like this?
  3. The time I was a Mexican photographer
The Splainers Podcast
  1. What's the situation with Antibiotics?
  2. How do Courts work?
  3. What even is Globalisation?
  4. What's a housing bubble?