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RNIB Connect Radio is the UK radio station sharing stories of people living with sight loss. Listen to blind and partially sighted people talk about a wide range of topics of relevance to them and join the conversation yourself by emailing radio@rnib.org.uk

Other great podcast channels from RNIB Connect Radio

Connect - Our main channel with news, features and articles on sight loss.

Read On - The Audiobook show all about accessible reading.

Tech Talk - Technology for blind and partially sighted people.

Sport - See sport differently.

The Happy Hour - Mental health, mindfulness, and overall wellbeing.

Tracks of My Life - Take a journey through our guest's life.

Support - Other podcasts from RNIB.

TV Guide - Daily audio TV listings
Claire Forde in conversation with...
  1. Claire Forde in conversation with... Seán Batty
  2. Claire Forde in conversation with...Rae Walker
  3. Claire Forde in conversation with... Palma Allan
  4. Claire Forde in conversation with... David Tanner
The Welsh Connection
  1. The Welsh Connection
  2. The Welsh Connection. Find out what's happening in and around Wales.
  3. The Welsh Connection this week explores audio description.
  4. The Welsh Connection
The Book Group
  1. The Book Group - The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes
  2. The Book Group - Autumn by Ali Smith
  3. The Book Group - Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman
  4. The Book Group - The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
RNIB at Glastonbury
  1. Singing out about preventable sight loss with the #EyeTestKaraoke
  2. Glastonbury revellers visit RNIB's Karaoke Eye Test tent
  3. RNIB ambassadors prepare for the crowds
  4. Glastonbury 2017 comes to an end
Tasty Recipes and cooking tips for Visually Impaired People
  1. Ian Jentle's Veggie Pie
  2. A Scrumptious Recipe for October Pie
  3. Ian Jentle's Sponge Pudding
  4. Ian Jentle's Roast Chicken, Potatoes and Parsnips
Life Stories on The Morning Mix
  1. Life Stories - Daisy and Mervin - Love After Sightloss
  2. Blind artist combines painting and sound to create immersive experience.
  3. Woman who lost sight in violent attack offers vital support to her peers.
  4. From finance to comedy: Jamie MacDonald is That Funny Blind Guy
How to improve your memory
  1. How to improve your memory - part 5
  2. How to improve your memory - part 4
  3. How to improve your memory - part 2
  4. How to improve your memory - part 3
Tech Support From RNIB
  1. Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones Review
  2. The Benefits Of Wireless Multifunction Keyboards
  3. The Easiest Way To Touch Phone
  4. Why Not Try RNIB's Online Shop?
Best Of Blind Dave Heeley
  1. Dave Heeley's Been Busy
  2. Dave Heeley Has His PIP Consultation
  3. Dave Heeley Fight's To Prove His Disability
  4. Dave's DIY Plans For 2018
Vidar's Audio Described Theatre Review
  1. Vidar Hjardeng Reviews WNO's 'Tosca'
  2. Vidar Hjardeng reviews 'Sleeping Beauty'
  3. Vidar Hjardeng Reviews 'A Christmas Carol'
  4. Vidar Hjardeng Reviews '101 Dalmatians'
Bizzare News
  1. Bizzare News - Hedgehog and the Tiger
  2. Bizzare News - Who's Lake Is It Anyway?
  3. Bizzare News - Think Before Making Silly Bets
  4. Bizzare News - Bodyguard App
Ask The Pharmacist
  1. Becoming More Healthy in 2019
  2. The Importance of Eye Tests
  3. The Importance of Eye Tests
  4. Can Vaping Cause Cancer?
Free Talking Books - 1 Year On
  1. Free Talking Books - Listener Sarah Craig
  2. Free RNIB Talking Books - Marc McCree
  3. Free RNIB Talking Books - Listener Mary Sanding
  4. Free RNIB Talking Books - Alex McDowell on Fundraising
Man Booker Prize 2016
  1. RNIB & Booker Winner 2016 - The Sellout by Paul Beatty
  2. RNIB & Booker 2016 - All That Man Is by David Szalay
  3. RNIB & Booker 2016 - Do Not Say We Have Nothing by Madeleine Thien
  4. RNIB & Booker 2016 - Eileen by Ottessa Moshfegh
Books and Reading
  1. RNIB Narrator Nominated For Top Award
  2. The Death of Diana - A Talking Books Special
  3. Author Interview - Mark Hardie
  4. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman