Free Radio  - Wolverhampton, the Black Country and Shropshire

Join us as we play Today's Best Music Mix across the Midlands. Between the songs we'll do our best to make you smile. We like living round here too.

Take That chat to Free Radio
  1. Jo has a chat toTake That
  2. Jo Flirting Outrageously with Mark Owen
  3. Jo Tells Off Gary Barlow
One Direction chat to Free Radio
  1. One Direction - Louis Can Make You Some Money
  2. One Direction - Why Were They Late??????
Cat's Diary
  1. Cat's Diary - Week 28
  2. Cat's Diary - Week 27
  3. Cat's Diary - Week 25
  4. Cat's Diary - Week 24
Date My Daughter
  1. Date My Daughter - IT WENT REALLY WELL!!!
  2. Date My Daughter - AWKWARD!!!!!!!
  3. Date My Daughter - JAMIE WILL BE DATING AMY!!!
  4. Date My Daughter - Phil Gets Emotional!