Ghost Stories the Podcast
Ghost Stories the Podcast

Ghost Stories the Podcast

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Short paranormal stories, some based on fact but others are pure fiction. Ranging from scary stories to spooky yet heart warming encounters, Ghost Stories the podcast will continually have you asking yourself: 'Do you believe in ghosts?'

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Season Five
  1. Subtitled
  2. The Old Dairy (Short Scare)
  3. Shave and a Haircut
  4. A Physicist's Tradition
Season Four
  1. Something in the Loft
  2. Norm (Ghost Stories ‘Short Scares’)
  3. The House Down The Road
  4. A Little Time In Detention
Season Three
  1. The Party
  2. Boarding School
  3. Gone Missing
  4. My Doll, Their Doll
Season Two
  1. Where The Children Play
  2. An old Friend
  3. God’s Dog
  4. The Zoo
Season One
  1. The House
  2. Grandpa
  3. Red Water (Ghost Stories the Podcast)
  4. Do You Believe In Ghosts? (Documentary)