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Presented by Red Szell in Camden and produced by Robert Kirkwood in Glasgow, you'll find a new episode here every Friday at 1pm plus bonus content such as longer uncut interviews and episodes of our occasional extra show, The Book Group.

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Man Booker Prize 2017
  1. Man Booker 2017 Winner - George Saunders 'Lincoln in the Bardo'
  2. Man Booker 2017 - Mohsin Hamid 'Exit West'
  3. Man Booker 2017 - Ali Smith 'Autumn'
  4. Man Booker 2017 - Emily Fridlund 'History of Wolves'
Man Booker Prize 2018
  1. Man Booker Prize 2018 Winner - Anna Burns 'Milkman' Review
  2. Man Booker Prize 2018 - Rachel Kushner
  3. Man Booker Prize 2018 - Esi Edugyan
  4. Man Booker Prize 2018 - Richard Powers
Booker Winners
  1. Man Booker Prize 2018 Winner - Anna Burns 'Milkman' Review
  2. Man Booker 2017 Winner - George Saunders 'Lincoln in the Bardo'
  3. Booker Prize 2016 - Paul Beatty
  4. Booker Prize 2015 - Marlon James
The Book Group
  1. The Book Group - The Disappearance of Adèle Bedeau by Graeme Macrae Burnet
  2. The Book Group - The Rules of Seeing by Joe Heap
  3. The Book Group - The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes
  4. The Book Group - Autumn by Ali Smith
Read On - The Audiobook Show
  1. Spencer Leigh, Laura Barnett, Penny Melville-Brown and the Bookshop Band
  2. Days That Changed The World History Special
  3. Jenni Murray, Fiona Scott-Barett & Becky Wright
  4. Costa Book Award Retrospective, with winner Hannah Lowe