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Science Mixtape

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*"Desert Island Discs with a science twist” - *

Science Mixtape explores the science and songs of exciting expert guests from the world of science. It's a mix of science news, views, and live ON AIR experiments, as well as the songs they love and why.

From uplifting discoveries, to sobering facts, and the downright bizarre, science helps us better understand the world we live in, but also reminds us how little we know. Join us every other Saturday at 12pm for a fun and informative peak behind-the-scenes at a life in science.

Curiosity never killed any cats. Well … maybe Schrodinger’s.

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with Matilda Hay
  1. Materials Safari (ft. Anna Ploszajski)
  2. Sensory Speed Dating and the Science of Attraction (ft. Jen Wong)
  3. Synaesthetic (ft. Clare Jonas)
  4. Science Rap (ft. Rapstract)
with Kyle Major
  1. The Art of Anatomy (ft. Emily Evans)
  2. Mathematics and Music (feat. Kyle Evans
  3. Plasma, Supernovae and Fusion (ft. Meriame Berboucha)
  4. Ancient Tools (ft. Tomos Proffitt)