Jeff Styles has been doing Talk Radio in Chattanooga, Tennessee, since August 3, 1992. He drives The Morning Press with a unique mix of hot political topics, ranging in form and fashion, from global mega-trends to traditional national politics, right back to regional water-cooler talk, all the way down to hardcore street-corner gossip. His pace, his stream-of-consciousness delivery, his uncanny ability to draw parallels between the earth-shaking decisions made by world leaders down to the most minuscule minutiae of pop-culture oddities. Nobody does it like “El Jefe.”​ He’s balanced by James Lee Reynolds III, known better as JR, three-decade voice of the Mocs, the most trusted sports voice in the region who also happens to be a political savant. He’ll laser-beam the essence of the issue of the day and make you think of things you never have before in ways you never have before.​