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Hosts Zoe Williams (@zoesqwilliams) and Luke Cooper (@lukecooper100) are joined by guests with a left take on Brexit, Europe and more. Surveying the big transformative ideas of the age, interrogating the tough questions, and opening up new horizons radical thinking and policy, the Another Europe podcast confounds the expectation that 'pro-Europeans' just want to defend the status quo. Brought to you by the Another Europe Is Possible campaign, the podcast is a vital tonic for those despairing at the state of Brexit Britain. 

Praise for the Another Europe podcast 

"A bracingly honest post mortem on the remain movement, especially its relationship with Labour, by people who were a vital part of it. I found it insightful and weirdly cathartic" 
----- Dorian Lynskey, writer and Remainiac 

"Provocative... highly balanced and critical... a much-needed space for critical reflection and nuanced discussion" 
----- E-International Relations 

The Another Europe Podcast

Another Europe is Possible
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