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What does a changing world mean for my portfolio? Which asset classes are undervalued? Will declining demographics affect my investments? From Legal & General Investment Management, we bring you conversations about the global economy and how professional investors can take advantage of these opportunities.

We'll be talking to fund managers, analysts, industry experts and more to discuss the latest market and political developments, their most exciting asset allocation ideas and how they're optimising portfolios for market booms and economic gloom.

From Trump's tariffs to irrational investors, LGIM Talks dives into the world of asset management and brings you our most compelling thoughts to help you make informed investment decisions.

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Ukraine conflict
  1. Ukraine conflict: Implications for investors
  2. When geopolitics and inflation collide
  3. Ukraine conflict: Energy, index and debt implications
2022 Outlook
  1. CIO outlook: How we’re tackling 2022
  2. Real assets 2022 outlook
  3. Looking back on 2021 and looking forward to 2022 – Market Talk.
  4. LGIM looks back at a tricky year for fixed income and the 2022 outlook
  1. CIO call special: What does COP26 mean for investors?
  2. LGIM’s CEO talks COP and climate with Lewis Pugh
  3. Countdown to COP26
What does net zero mean to you?
  1. What does net zero mean to you: ITS
  2. What does net zero mean for you?
Real Assets
  1. In conversation with… Bill Hughes, Global Head of Real Assets
  2. Checking in on the hotel sector
  3. The landlord moratorium: its impact on landlords and savers
  4. The landlord moratorium: its impact on landlords and savers
Market Talk
  1. China reopening, falling US profits and dwindling European inflation – Market Talk
  2. Looking back and looking forward – Market Talk
  3. Fed stays firm, China vol and US CPI – Market Talk
  4. Fed whispers, Q3 earnings and US TIPS – Market Talk
ESG Matters
  1. AMR: what is it, why should investors care?
  2. Climate, COVID or cash: What’s making DC savers tick in 2022?
  3. Countdown to COP26
  4. LGIM’s CEO talks COP and climate with Lewis Pugh
In conversation with...
  1. In conversation with Richard Romer-Lee
  2. Swimmer Lewis Pugh on the climate crisis and coral
  3. A sterling effort? Reviewing the fallout from the UK’s mini-budget
  4. In conversation with… Bill Hughes, Global Head of Real Assets
The CIO Call
  1. Are we there yet?
  2. What to expect in 2023 – the CIO call
  3. COP27 and the case against blanket divestments – the CIO call
  4. US midterms vs markets – the CIO call
ETF Themes
  1. Thematic investing: a look back on 2022 and our longer-term outlook
  2. Are we losing the fight against cybercrime?
  3. Tech turmoil and fighting thematic FOJI
  4. Quality treats: defining and capturing quality in equities
Blog on the Pod
  1. Blog on the pod: liquidity, cycles and bubbles
  2. Is the party over for post-Jubilee Britain?
  3. Moneyball and markets: using data to improve the investment process
  4. Stock markets and the PMI effect
Pensions Solutions
  1. LDI – 20 years on
  2. That sinking feeling: examining investor responses to low bond yields
  3. Exploring secure income assets
  4. Make My Money Matter, Net Zero and DC pensions