TRANSFIN. Podcasts are about all things Finance, plus some Business, a bit of Tech, some science here & there, can't ignore anything global, or local, conglomerates or unicorns, policy stuff, most definitely the top news…okay okay! Basically at the purposeful expense of sounding vague - our weekly podcasts share banter on all things interesting, intriguing, or relevant.


Two News junkies find reasonable solace in deconstructing topics which are layered & complex to begin with. Hosted by former bankers and co-founders of TRANSFIN. - Nikhil Arora and Sharath Toopran with the occasional expert guest, LongShorts presents detailed and thoughtful reflections on the topic at hand.


A light-hearted 15-minute take on rather eclectic stuff which intrigues, amuse or even nudge you towards stimulating conversations. It is hosted by TRANSFIN.'s Editors - Simi Sebastian and Sudhanva Shetty.

P.S. These podcasts are a production of TRANSFIN., the company on a mission to enable smart money decisions by informing, contextualising, and deconstructing Finance for you.