The Last Bohemians meets female firebrands and maverick outsiders who have lived live on the edge and who still refuse to play by the rules, from subversive musicians and rock'n'roll groupies to groundbreaking artists and game-changing style icons.

The series is created and presented by journalist Kate Hutchinson and is produced by an all-female audio team, with portraits by Laura Kelly. Season two launches weekly in March 2020 and features Judy Collins, Gee Vaucher, Zandra Rhodes, P.P. Arnold, Vivienne Dick, Sue Tilley, Margaret Busby and Maxine Sanders.

The Last Bohemians - Series One
  1. Molly Parkin: the grand dame of British bohemia on Soho's glory days, Louis Armstrong and self love
  2. Bonnie Greer: the playwright and critic considers Basquiat, Madonna, making work about race and how not to play it safe as an artist
  3. Amanda Feilding: beat poets, psychedelics and self-trepanation with the leading LSD campaigner and countess
  4. Pauline Black: the original rude girl on female empowerment, intersectionality and being a music trailblazer
The Last Bohemians - Series One
  1. The Last Bohemians - Trailer - Launching 4 March 2019