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Welcome to Beaver Sound, the podcast section of The Beaver- LSESU's independent student newspaper!

Our podcasts include LSE Limelight, Let's LSE about that, LSE Streetlight, Outside Voices & more. 

If you would be interested in creating with us, please contact: sound.beaver@lsesu.org
Archive Chats
  1. Archive Chats #2: In the Shadow of Giants: Britain, Europe, and the Cold War
  2. Archive Chats #1: Botanists in the Belly of Britannia: Plants and an Imperial Project
LSE Streetlight
  1. LSE Streetlight #1: Protests
Outside Voices
  1. Outside Voices #2: Sayna Claus Day
  2. Outside Voices #1: LSE Scary Special
Let's Lsee about that
  1. Let's LSE about that: #2: Money
  2. Let's LSE about that: #1: Contraception
The LSE Starter Pack
  1. The LSE Starter Pack #3: Community at LSE
  2. The LSE Starter Pack #2: Sex, Safety and Support
  3. The LSE Starter Pack #1: Social Life at LSE
The Last Dam Word
  1. The Last Dam Word #5: May '20
  2. The Last Dam Word #4: April '20
  3. The Last Dam Word #3: March '20
  4. The Last Dam Word #2: February '20
Hidden Bridges
  1. Hidden Bridges #2 - Light + Social Inequality
  2. Hidden Bridges #1: Colonisation + Natural Disasters
  1. Guftagu #3: Aurat (Women's) March
  2. Guftagu #2: CAA and NRC in India
  3. Guftagu #1: Mental Health within South Asian Communities
Grimshaw Speakers
  1. Grimshaw Speakers #7: Dr Hugo Slim on War, Humanitarian Action and the ICRC
  2. Grimshaw Speakers #6: Dianna Melrose on her career from activism to diplomacy
  3. Grimshaw Speakers #5: Dr Jill Stuart on Space: The Final Frontier of International Affairs
  4. Grimshaw Speakers #4: Europe Elects on Instant Election Data and Informing through Social Media
Crossing the Globe
  1. Crossing the Globe #8: Covid-19 Returning home to the US
  2. Crossing the Globe #7: Covid-19 Returning home to Morocco
  3. Crossing the Globe #6: Covid-19 Returning home to Singapore
  4. Crossing the Globe #5: Being LGBT, at home and in London
LSE Limelight
  1. LSE Limelight #21: Masters Programmes in LSE's Virtual Campus
  2. LSE Limelight #20: Anti-racism student movements
  3. LSE Limelight #17: Opposite Time Zones in LSE's Virtual Campus
  4. LSE Limelight #15: Mental Health in LSE's Virtual Campus