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iShook is a company developed solely to provide the best reach of content to the end-user. Discoverability of content has become more difficult, especially in today’s time in the outright censorship by mainstream media and social media platforms. Dispersion of content is key to providing truthful and accurate information to all end users. Today’s end-users in social media have difficulty genuinely understanding this world’s reality, primarily because of the lack of content associated with current social media postings and comments. Not only is it the enduser that suffers from this difficulty to properly digest the content, but we also have an issue that many content makers are not qualified to create certain types of content. And furthermore, are not capable of expressing all types content in a proper fashion that lets the end user to full
comprehend its intention and the meaning of the content. For example, a no fault attorney should not create content or provide statements that can seem factual outside his current profession.

Secondly, it is a known fact that a person’s recognition can only come through their peers or the students of such a profession. For example, scientists can get their accreditation for their research and theories by other scientists and not by laymen. End-users today receive information potentially from content creators who are not professional in the field in the content that they are distributing. iShook goal is to resolve these issues at a micro and macro level by crating a system of social media that helps the user deliver content media and all types of content to the end user at a rich and formal and comprehensive matter. 


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