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So Worthy

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AM i WORTHY? is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping you know your worth. The goal is to help you start organizing your next career move, plan your next best financial decision, and live a Godly lifestyle.

From successfully learning how to manage your finances on a low- middle income salary and live abstinent as a single woman,  you will wonder how you didn’t start applying Gabby’s guides, resources, and tutorials sooner.

Your host, Gabby Thorne, knows that planning and organizing our lives under God’s plan while working in a small, college town is not easy. After years of spiritual consciousness, bad relationships, and college parties, Gabby often discusses the transformation from spirituality to Christianity while in college. Waiting until marriage to have sex (again), Gabby knows that consistency and perseverance in reading daily scripture is the only way to keep going. Stay up to date with Gabby’s life by watching her vegetarian cooking videos on Instagram and monthly faith- based videos on Youtube.