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My name is Matilde and I am the Creatress of Gaia's Voice.🤍
I am an Intuitive Guide and a Personal Transformation Mentor for Women looking to Connect with their Innermost Wisdom, Unlocking their Unlimited Potential and Opening their Heart to Receive Life.
My Intention with this Podcast is to Provoke you and Guide you to go deeper into Yourself, Discovering and Embracing all the aspects of you, Offering you Inspiration and Practical Tools to Live the Best Life available for You! 
In my life I've experienced childhood trauma, sexual abuse, co-dependent relationships, body shame, anxiety, deep fear and an overwhelming sense of inadequacy...
I emerged from all of this and I created a wonderful Relationship with my beloved, I embarked into the journey of Motherhood and Home-schooling and I follow my Passion with Gaia's Voice. 
In this podcast I share my experiences, reflections and practical content to Support you and Guide you in this moment of Your Life. My invitation is to take what serves you and leave the rest.
From time to time wonderful Guests will join me here to share their beautiful message with us.
So, if you are ready to Dive Deep, let's go!
With Love🤍