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Continuing IDFC MF’s tradition of initiatives and campaigns that motivate, guide, and educate Indians about financial wisdom and wealth creation, we bring you MoneyWise - a podcast series that connects with investors and simplifies the important aspects of investment. 

Investment is a tricky science, and sound financial knowledge is the best antidote to any misgivings that investors may have due to fluctuating fortunes. Some days, we can get it right. Other days, we have to grit our teeth and wait out the frustrations born of volatile markets. 

IDFC Asset Management Co. Ltd has always striven to empower everyday investors, as well as India’s financial ecosystem, through initiatives that simplify financial knowledge, helping create wealth and value through investments. 

We reached out to the average Indian investor through our successful short films like Bachat Nivesh Badhat, One Idiot, and Return of One Idiot to educate the public about the importance of savings and long-term investments for financial growth and security. Our landmark campaigns like #DateyRaho and #PaisonKoRokoMat have educated millions successfully about the power of investing. 

MoneyWise is about how the average Indian can create wealth in his/her life. Our podcasts simplify tried-and-tested investment wisdom and opportunities for wealth creation in Indian financial markets. This will answer your questions on how you can utilize this information to create your own wealth. 



The Disclosures of opinions/in house views/strategy incorporated herein is provided solely to enhance the transparency about the investment strategy/theme of the Scheme and should not be treated as endorsement of the views/opinions or as investment advice. This document should not be construed as a research report or a recommendation to buy or sell any security. This document has been prepared on the basis of the information, which is already available in publicly accessible media or developed through analysis of IDFC Mutual Fund. The information/views/opinions provided is for informative purposes only and may have ceased to be current by the time it may reach the recipient, which should be taken into account before interpreting this document. The recipient should note and understand that the information provided above may not contain all the material aspects relevant for making an investment decision and the stocks may or may not continue to form part of the scheme’s portfolio in the future. The decision of the Investment Manager may not always be profitable; as such decisions are based on the prevailing market conditions and the understanding of the Investment Manager. Actual market movements may vary from the anticipated trends. This information is subject to change without any prior notice. The Company reserves the right to make modifications and alterations to this statement as may be required from time to time. Neither IDFC Mutual Fund / IDFC AMC Trustee Co. Ltd./ IDFC Asset Management Co. Ltd nor IDFC, its Directors or representatives shall be liable for any damages whether direct or indirect, incidental, punitive special, or consequential including lost revenue or lost profits that may arise from or in connection with the use of the information. The sectors/stocks mentioned should not be construed as investment advice from IDFC Mutual Fund and IDFC Mutual Fund may or may not have any future position in these sectors/stocks.