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Murder in the North explores some of the most shocking murder cases in Scandinavia. Like the case of the young woman who set off from Tokyo on a back-packing journey across Europe in 1987, but whose adventure of a lifetime would end in tragedy in Copenhagen's cold waters. Or, the twisted tale of obsession that led two Swedish teenagers to organise an unspeakable murder over text message. Or the woman who mysteriously disappears one week before her wedding. Our account of these cases is based on sources in the public domain, including interviews, press releases and court proceedings to tells the stories of the most chilling and shocking cases to rock Northern Europe.

From Podimo, Murder in the North has been the #1 true crime podcast across Europe, and is now available in English told by Jenna Sharpe.

New episodes are published every Tuesday. Produced for Podimo by Dag en Nacht Media.

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