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Welcome to the Property Investors Podcast, a light-hearted and opinionated podcast for aspiring and experienced property investors alike. Join our charismatic hosts, Russell Leeds and Ricci Mandal, as they share their insights, experiences, and humor in the world of property investment. Get ready for no-holds-barred discussions and debates on topics ranging from getting started in property investing, entrepreneurship, to personal development. 

Each episode offers actionable advice, thought-provoking perspectives, and real-life stories that weave together the threads of property investment and personal growth. With their unique blend of expertise and wit, Russell and Ricci guide listeners through a dynamic entrepreneurial journey, shedding light on the opportunities, challenges, and triumphs along the way.

Whether you're a beginner dipping your toes into the property investing waters or a seasoned professional seeking fresh ideas and inspiration, the Property Investors Podcast is your go-to podcast for becoming a prosperous investor and a self-empowered individual. So, tune in and join the fun as our passionate and vibrant duo take you on a whirlwind adventure of property investment, entrepreneurship, and self-improvement.

Property Investors Podcast

Russell Leeds and Ricci Mandal
40 episodes / 44.6K listens

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