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    • petegold With the launch of Xbox's new Kinect module, and with other Natural User Interfaces in development, I felt it was time for a friendly plea in favour of using our thumbs for some things: SAVE OUR THUMBS Computers are great. Computers are cool. We're the controllers and they are our tool. But as we kinect with technology We must never forget our biology Now our joystick and paddles are failing the test So we wave at our consoles and they do the rest As we bin our controllers the question becomes. What should we do with our thumbs? Save our thumbs They're the things we hold up to say hi to our chums Have we learned that they're not so disposable Don't oppose them. Rejoice! They're opposable. And without them we couldn't send texts to our Mums So please save our thumbs. Save our thumbs Without them we couldn't peel peaches or plums. Just how tricky would life for a butler be Tell me how would he polish his cutlery? And we'd all have to master base eight for our sums. So please save our thumbs. Save our thumbs Without them we couldn't play piano or drums Girls how tough would inserting an earring feel? Fellas. What should we tap on the steering wheel? And how else would we pick up potato chip crumbs? So please save our thumbs. Save our thumbs This is urgent so please pull yours out of your bums Do not think their importance is middling. Don't waste time - thumbs are not just for twiddling So I hope that humanity never succumbs To a world without thumbs.
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    • wittertray I love it
    • petegold E3 BLEW MY MIND. Intro I've never played a video game before. Not since 1984 When there was no blood and there was no gore And loading Frogger took an hour or more. Then I went to visit Los Angeles. Where there's nothing but cars and plastic cheese And they took me on a trip to see E3 And it blew my mind and weakened my knees. Haven’t felt this weird since I ate some of that cake my friend Kevin made in college. My consciousness got tied in knots. I ate some ghosts, and a whole lot of dots I killed a werewolf with a big sword. I crushed an armoured arachnid horde. I fought off an Aztec with a sharp blade I blew up a jeep with a hand grenade. I wielded a gun in Akimbo stants. In a skintight boobtube and hotpants. A giant blue hedgehog swooped and soared. With a fox on a turbo hoverboard. A noble knight fought a noble quest While a rapstar sang like Kanye West I stole a chopper and from a Viet Cong camp I earned my belt as a boxing champ. I met James Brown and I took it to the bridge He said my drumming was average. I’m driving a Ferrari: sleek and red. I’m a one man mission to kill the undead I’m Commanding armies: full of wrath. I’m a tiny little boy made of hessian cloth. I'm a champion skiier on a slalom slope I'm a hooded assassin trying to kill the pope. I'm a mutant hulk with a bloody great gun Slaughtering thousands: cor it’s fun. The North Koreans have taken DC Get a mug for nothing and a pen for free. Rob the bank. Run from the fuzz. Meet new toys with Woody and Buzz. Love on the run. Sex on the beach. Blow stuff up with Halo Reach. Fists go punch. Skulls go crunch. And all of this before my lunch. Aaaaaagh.
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    • petegold Xbox Slim I want you. Oh... you're lookin good to me.... You're sleek, you're slim... you got curves ALL the way down. Ooh, let me insert my hard drive into your concealed slot baby (you know what I'm talking ‘bout) But don't make a sound sugar - keep it whisper quiet. Because... you know that's the way a games console should be honey. Mmm… let me run my fingers across your button and see if I can.... turn you on. Xbox, Xbox You're every gamer's dream You're much more than you seem You're makin young men scream With your new black colour scheme. Aw - they finally given you built in WiFi sugar yeah. Transmitting on my frequency. Built-in digital out, and 3 x USB's on your back. Honey, your specifications got everyone interested.. And when Kinect comes out baby... Ooh... we can really interface. My hands all over the place. All over your face. And I'll be able to talk to you... You're gonna do everything I say. I like that. Yeah. So why is it so wrong To want you like I do? Aw... I've waited for so long. To get my hands on you. Xbox. Play music Xbox. Stop Xbox. massage my feet a little. Xbox. ooh yeah!! Aw baby. You been givin’ me the green light all evening. But don't let me catch you playin with other gamers honey. I ain't down with that. I'll unplug you. You know I mean it. I'm keepin’ you all to myself. Yeah. Does it invalidate the manufacturer's warranty to rub a little lotion on you? Surely a little can't hurt. Is that so wrong? Oh baby.
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    • Jacki Cut them bruises out! That's what I do when I get injured at work. It hurts, but in the end, the debrusification is all for the best. I WILL NEVER GO BAD! D=<
    • Death_Burnout Yeah worst cut-off ever for certain!
    • Kraznor ARRRGHHHH, just when the discussion turns to Midnight Brown it ENDS!! Worst abrupt ending ever.
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    • Jacki What kind of "special" special guests are we talking here?
    • goatmeat Damn that exhaust is bassy. Makes it hard to hear you guys sometimes.
    • Death_Burnout I just hope the podcast guests will be people we "know" know.
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    • Ben... Boyz N' Tha Hood. Now that's a classy song.
    • Jacki Classy gents: porn mags, stale beer, and claritin!
    • FLStyle Only a distinguished gentleman like Brad gets Playboy for the articles.
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    • Jacki Cheeeeeeeetoossssssssss! Cheesy fabulousness in a bag! Why can't they make systems like they make Cheetos?
    • buckybit the Bombcrew, hitting E3, doggystyle - there. I said it...
    • Kraznor Can't wait for the epic week ahead. So many podcasts, micro-casts, twitter feeds, video streams...its going to be awesome
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    • pablosu awesome! there is the hd trailer! we have to play!
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    • Documentally My Xbox is on the way but with a bank holiday in the way it's looking like later next week.. :)
    • Snowshadow You have probably got a better chance of getting an empty aluminum case to play Xbox games than an actual Xbox...there very frustrating!
    • Documentally Hi CannonGod.. I think they wanted the perspective of a person not yet sold on the platform.. ;) Apparently The Xbox is on it's way.. :)
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    • Dramagirl Good to see you here Will. Looking forward to hearing from everyone on e3 as the week goes on. Enjoy LA.