Audio Capture

audioBoom lets you easily capture audio, upload it and share it through iPhone and Android apps or through our website

audioBoom offers instant, free and high quality audio capture functionality, straight from your mobile device. There’s no need to download any specialist software or own any recording equipment, meaning audioBoom is the perfect social network for those who want to share when typing isn’t convenient. All you need is the audioBoom app on your smartphone, but you can just as easily capture sound via your laptop or desktop and microphone.

As a journalist you can record audio news, from up to the minute developments while out in the field to a interviews from those involved at the heart of a story. All clips can be instantly uploaded to your profile for your followers to hear and shared further to Twitter and Facebook.

But, it’s not just journalists who have interesting experiences to post. All of us have moments in everyday life that we like to share with friends and family and sometimes a still image and text just isn’t enough. Capture audio of up to three minutes, it’s completely free. If you want share longer clips, however, upgrade to audioBoom Plus. This means you to have up to 60 minutes of sound capture time for each post and can enjoy enhanced sharing features.