About audioBoom

audioBoom is the leading mobile, web and connected device platform for the very best spoken-word content in news, current affairs, business, entertainment and sports.

It operates a digital, on-demand, streaming audio platform enabling the creation, broadcast and consumption of audio across multiple global media outlets. audioBoom works with some of the biggest names in broadcasting across sport, entertainment and current affairs to bring their content to millions of listeners worldwide via Facebook, Twitter and other media platforms.

The technology allows partners to embed playlists onto their sites and apps, use our mobile apps and functionality as listen again players and re-syndicate their content around the web.

audioBoom also allows the monetisation of audio via the dynamic insertion of pre and post roll advertising into content as a user is listening, allowing contemporary advertising selection, depending on content genre and geographic location of the user.

audioBoom has over 2,400 active content partners, including the BBC, Telegraph, Guardian, CBS, Sky Sports, Premier League, Southern Cross Austereo, Reuters, CNBC, Universal and Fox.

audioBoom is using this platform to create the world's first aggregated audio content syndication and advertising network.

We are:

CEO: Robert Proctor
COO: Amanda Brown
CTO: Jonathan del Strother
CFO: David McDonagh
US VP: Stuart Last
CMO: Ilana Fox
Global Head of News & Content: Ruth Fitzsimons
Head of UK Content: Claire Powell
Executive Assistant: Sam Brown
Finance Controller: Kathryn Greenwood


Head of Sport: Marc Webber
Senior Content Co-ordinator: Tasha Proctor
Content Co-ordinator: Talia Lapidus
Content Assistants: Clarke Edwards Grant & Harriet Flook
Content Apprentice: Alice Taplin


Digital News Editor: David Marsland
Digital News and Content Producer: Dan Quick
Digital Broadcast Journalist: Jamie Wareham


Social Media Manager: Chanda Gohrani
Marketing Creative: Tom Greenwood
Marketing Analyst: Adam Mills


Head of Content Distribution: Tania Snuggs
Content Distribution: Alice Golds


Head of Advertising Networks: Lance Paterson
Head of Sales - Sport: David Sims


Creative Director: Ben Brignell
Product Manager: Melissa Fehr
iOS Developer: Adam Szabo
Android Developers: Pedro Silva & Marios Harrane
Design Lead: Steven Hooley
Systems Administrator: Hung Tang
Technical Support: Arun Paul
Web Developer: Tim Brown


Head of Australia & New Zealand Operations: Blair Hughes
Australia & New Zealand Digital Content Manager: Alana Mahony


Marketing Manager: Jeremy Helton
Head of Comedy & Entertainment: Brendan Regan
Head of Hispanic Markets: Diana Velez-Griffen
Head of Sports Partnerships: Erik Heiss
Digital Content Manager: Emily Barrett