Logo usage

Let it breathe

Allow sufficient whitespace around the logo. Display on a background area with sufficient contrast.

audioboom logo usage guidelines

Avoid repetition

Aim to only ever display logo once per page or view. Do not use the logo for bullets or other elements on a page.

avoid repetition
avoid using the logo for bullets etc


Do not distort the logo or scale on any axis

avoid squishing the logo
avoid squashing the logo
avoid distorting the logo


Avoid using elements of the logo in isolation (The waveform on its own, the B on its own etc) or combining the logo with content

avoid using the waveform in isolation
don't use bits of the logo for page elements, bullets etc
avoid combining logo with content


Do not re-colour the logo. There are sufficient variations available.

Don't change the logo colour
Don't change the logo colour
Don't change the logo colour



audioboom blue
















Granny Smith




Black Haze


Voice and Tone

Think about our audience

Who are you writing for? What do they want? Can it be simpler?

Show don't tell

Don't explain. Show relevant examples. Illustrate.

Be concise

Keep sentences short. Remove any words that don't add value. Stick to the point.

Copy is UI

Be consistent. Make our audience feel confident. Lead the way.

Be human

Don't talk at your audience or use buzzwords.

Use bullets

Break up chunks of text with scannable, meaningful bullets. Use bullets to make clear points or list areas of value.

Allow space

Break things things up. Make it scannable. Don't overload.

Avoid jargon

Use common language. Don't alienate our audience with technical terms. The use of jargon doesn't make us sound smart.

Can it be simpler still?

Re-read what you've written. Can it be simplified further? Does every word add value?