Audioboom is a platform for podcasters to connect and share with their listeners around the world. We value your voice, and believe strongly in the promotion of ideas and debate. In order to be able to uphold our values though, we need to restrain any abuses that could threaten our ability to provide this service and the freedom of expression it encourages.

So, a few ground rules…

Harmful or dangerous content. Don’t post content that is illegal or encourages others to engage in illegal activities. So, for example, don’t promote the use of illegal drugs or drink driving.

Hateful and violent content. Don't threaten other people or encourage or incite others to take violent action against another person or group of people. Don’t post any content that contains extremist views or appears to incite or promote terrorist activities.

Threat, harassment or bullying. Don’t stalk, threaten, harass, intimidate, invade privacy, reveal other people's personal information or post content that is abusive or embarrassing to any other person.

Sexual content. Audioboom is not the place for content that threatens or promotes sexual violence or exploitation, or offers sexual services.

Defamatory content. Be respectful. Don’t include any content that defames others.

Copyright. Only post content that you made or that you've got permission to use. So, don’t include for example, music tracks (whether in full or just an excerpt) that someone else owns the copyright to, without having the necessary rights in that content to make it available via Audioboom. Read more about use of music in podcasts

Illegal content. Don’t post illegal content. For example, content that is fraudulent or intentionally false or misleading.

Spam and viruses. It’s not acceptable to post large amounts of unwanted or repetitive content or to post or transmit any files containing viruses or other harmful computer code.

If you spot anything wrong

We don't monitor the content posted on Audioboom. So, if you spot any objectionable content, you can report it via the Report this Episode button on any episode-page of the platform or directly via

Otherwise, if you come across any content that breaches your intellectual property rights, please let us know all the details. A form and full guide on how to file a copyright notice can be found here. We will use reasonable endeavours to investigate and where necessary take down any such content as quickly as is practicable in the circumstances.

What are our rights?

If we believe any content falls foul of this policy, we reserve the right (but we are not obliged) to do any or all of the following:

  • investigate a claim that the content does not follow this policy;

  • decide, in our sole discretion, to remove or request the removal of the content

  • remove without notice that content

  • suspend or terminate the user’s account, without refunding any subscription fees for the remaining part of the user’s subscription

Any decision we make to remove or request the removal of any content or to terminate or suspend the account of a user will be final and binding.

If you are notified that your account has been suspended or terminated, you will not attempt to re- subscribe to Audioboom.