#feBOOary 2013?

Anyone up for this nonsense again? Also Thank you to @sm2n for nice things he said about me recently, I really appreciate it! #feBOOary

almost 3 years ago

I wasnt on audioboo last year (joined about 2 weeks ago lol) but this sounds like a fun idea id definatly be up for taking part :D
tavy94 almost 3 years ago
Count me in! woohoo!!! excited totally. Didn't we have different questions per day? I'm sure even if audioboo doesn't get behind this like last year most individuals to promoting...and I think it will spread pretty fast. I already tweeted it and found it via "audio community" THANKS Bernie ;)
SassyCat almost 3 years ago
Here's how you explained #febooary to us all last year ;)
macolgan almost 3 years ago
Why not drop into the Google Plus Audio Community with #feBOOary? https://plus.google.com/communities/102246696746176472481
topgold almost 3 years ago