The morning after the night before. #debill

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about 5 years ago

if there was a pirate party candidate in my patch they would get my vote. Currently the main parties have proved themselves to be an insult to democracy. and to the human race actually.. george orwell had it spot on. Four legs good two legs bad...
cyberdoyle about 5 years ago
@cyberdoyle You mention the monster raving loony party i think in jest but i see the Pirate party getting some traction at the moment. Shame about the name. I would take a very good look at other options.. if there were any.
Documentally about 5 years ago
"free democracy is not profitable to the 'few'..Wow.. Great words. I am going to read this again. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
Documentally about 5 years ago
#bedill - I "got" what politics was about when I was affected by the politics of Adult Education 1992 to now. Although I was too naive about politics when "Malvinas-Faulkland Islands" war occurred, it was an interesting time of introspection for me on the whole business of wars, propaganda, and the arms trade. Then I experienced the break up of the USSR and communism-socialism, at a time when Ben Elton, Greenpeace, and Gaia, and the simple living movement was telling us about global sustainability of food production and climate change.... the politics of food and globalisation took over... and we got what the 'few' wanted the global supermarket monopoly! [and Africa got hungrier, and we took the food out of their mouths for peanuts - and supermarkets globalized - and I would say, taught everyone else how to be a global multi-national]
Then the break-up of former Yugoslavia and then the break up of Iraq - but this time it wasn't about efficiencies for feeding a growing global population...this time it was about efficiencies about bringing democracy and equality of opportunity to all ethnicities, to oppressed women, and to children - even though Yugoslavia or Iraq [we still haven't finished our Afghanistan war]. Well, the way I see it is that the 'internet' is like another country and that a free democracy is not profitable to the 'few' - and the easiest way to break something is to make it the argument a democratic set of methods [sorry, I'm learning Java programming with the Open University].
Names such as George Orwell and Tony Ben remind me of an era when people thought about politics outside the realms of when they were directly affected by it... we need to get back to "shutting the gates before the horse has bolted out".... but how to do that from a society that cannot act to stop today's outrages....
Conspiracy theories presume a level of sophistication that simply does not exist in reality... its all about what it has always been about human greed, conquest and booty [the taking of something for nothing] and who is allowed and who isn't allowed to be greedy, to conquer, and to distribute and receive booty.
goLookGoRead about 5 years ago
It was a sad day for democracy, and an embarrassment to this country. It proves what we have always said, MPs don't get IT and aren't capable of legislating on something they don't understand. Tom Watson did a great job of trying to enlighten them, but they weren't listening, they were in the bar. The MPs whipped in to vote should hang their heads in shame. They sold their souls to get party stars, but they lost the faith of the people. I hope this shows in the election results. Bring back the monster raving loony party who could probably do a better job than this bunch. Glad you got this boo off your chest, as usual you are speaking for many...
cyberdoyle about 5 years ago