over 6 years ago

Wow, the picture's beautiful, sounds lovely.
__Mr_Bizza almost 5 years ago
I walked my dog the long way round the river Taft today and felt really good about it, it seems really lame now compared to 8 miles! But the warm weather has made me want to walk more, maybe I need to find better places to walk too :)
Neko over 6 years ago
Stephen, Stephen, Stephen,
It's always such a delight to hear your voice, I could listen to your voice from dawn until dusk. Thank you for all boos. I must say, the sheer distance that you walk on a regular basic is incredible. You've clearly worked at it and it shows. You look so well. : ] And may I say, you're looking particularly scrummy, gorgeous and lovely. x
Soph_Ichigo over 6 years ago
Idylic Stephen (posted on the other boo)! Listening to your time with Simon Mayo yesterday & want to say thank you for talking about changing & the adventure that can bring.Just retired & have been having problems with not being that person (identified by the job). You've also given me a buzz about what the future can bring!
JfB over 6 years ago
Thanks for the double Boo! Both are marvelous and my feet hurt just listening to them. Looks like a very enchanting place to be, especially for you with your affinity for Ulysses. Did you have a geekgasm?
Fryphile over 6 years ago