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Insomnia - pretty boring

about 6 years ago

defo Phil - would love to talk about it - i'm reluctant to start the build without looking into everything : eg, i'd have built the comment system by now if i hadn't come accross Disqus - which i'll now use, and I love it.....
ColtSeavers about 6 years ago
colt. we need to get together man. i think together we can make something pretty ace. parts of my rezpondr would work pretty well with what you need for the portal. ;)
philcampbell about 6 years ago
hahahaha. welcome to my world :P
ColtSeavers about 6 years ago
Just thinking about all that makes my head hurt! Not a wonder you are suffering from insomnia tonight!
artpunk about 6 years ago
aye - well, rebuilding it. Was up and running with a good 200+ hits a day who stayed for over 10 minutes....then I maxed out the modules I had running (I integrated twitter etc) and the php load went past 100Mb :o I didn't realise - and my hosts didn't warn me. Just pulled the plug.

Know i know a bit more, i'm ready to rebuild it.

Already have the game community running : was coltsplayground.net but is now playstuff.net (there's a site at both - I simply shut the playground as I lost my marbles :P)

The Playportal site housed the game community - Playstuff - but it also offered other gaming communities an easy way of embedding their own community site inside Playportal. There was an events organisation tool that allowed anyone to post multimedia content, book a games server, request a new game install on a server....

It's a not for profit thing. The idea is that it's free as long as you can be civilised and friendly - but out of bounds if not.

So, the Playportal site needs to do several things neatly :
1) Allow embedding of other sites but users using a simple [portal]/[/portal] bbcode rewrite (essentially an iFrame)
2) Allow upload of Audio and Video - We make Machinima - cinema using video game engines....(but not necessarily hosting - I could use a TP API to immediately push the uploaded content onto a host like vimeo etc - but then it would slow things down)
3) Have an easy to use micro blog built in, for shouting out for gaming friends to join you on X server.
4) Allow the journalists I have assembled to submit details multimedia articles.
5) Facilitate easy event organising and server booking, to integrate with a program we've already written which allows you to stop and start servers once your 'booked slot' comes up - and chose whatever game you like.

2) & 3) are the main dilemas
It's really 2 & 3
ColtSeavers about 6 years ago
Weird that this post should be about insomnia, when I just commented about my Father's insomnia on Siar's latest AudioBoo re: Snooker vs Nap - his cure was to watch Pot Black or Televised Golf!
I have heard of Drupal but never looked into it (so many things to investigate, so little time) if I understand the subtitle of this boo correctly, you are in the process of building a web portal for gamers?
artpunk about 6 years ago