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Promo for The Spanish Hour with Candice Agree

almost 5 years ago

Yea, I guess you are neighbors. I will have a look at your twitter and your facebook too. One can never have too many friends in this business. Oh, yea, by the way... I too am a radio personality... but for me it is reluctantly news. Small market. If I was on in NYC I would probably be happier... I am looking to get into voiceover full time eventually. I don't speak spanish... would I still enjoy your show? lol. Does it stream too?
TomConklin almost 5 years ago
Hey Tom! Your daughter and I are kinda neighbors, I live near the UN. I've got this new radio show starting this Saturday, so I'll be posting more frequently. You can find stuff about the show on Twitter@TheSpanishHour. Website in the works...
Radiocandy almost 5 years ago
Hi Candy... I really like your voice. I'm a voiceover guy from Massachusetts, about 3 hours outside NYC. I get there all the time though because my daughter lives on East 65th. I just found Audioboo and your my first follow. Looking forward to more from you. :)
TomConklin almost 5 years ago