@stephenfry Reading The Enigma #bpark

over 6 years ago, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Hmmm... not so sure about the 'left-hand' window anymore. Maybe that's not what he's saying.

Oh, anyway --- You get the general idea. : )
FrozenGrape over 6 years ago
Fabulous stuff Documentally!
TaraBusch over 6 years ago
FrozenGrape: Fantastic.. if there was a prize.. You would surely have it.. :)
Documentally over 6 years ago
Do I get a prize now? xD
FrozenGrape over 6 years ago
Have attempted a translation. Craziness. However, very impressed by @stephenfry 's German. : )

When setting up the basic position and the en- or decryption code as well as when en – or decrypting messages, the letter A (red lettering) must be visible in the first, left-hand window. The en- or decryption process must be repeated in its entirety should a different letter have been visible in the left window.

For use with built-in battery. Output: 4 volts
FrozenGrape over 6 years ago
Great stuff.
mattwaring over 6 years ago