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Tony Blackburn On Showbiz

about 6 years ago

It's not so much about how corny the joke is, it's the wait with the full knowledge that it's going to be terrible. Wonderful!
TaraBusch about 6 years ago
Tony - they get worse as you get better
markrock about 6 years ago
Hi Tony - I have just completed the alpha of an audioboo toolkit at http://falling-night-28.heroku.com (that's a sneak preview, domain will be boobase.com in a few days). Allows you to filter, refine and harness the true power of audioboo in a way that is currently not offered by the site. Check it out!
buddhamagnet about 6 years ago
Great to hear you on here.. not so sure about this last joke but i am all up for giving you the benefit of the doubt.. ;)
Documentally about 6 years ago
Just great Tony, love those old jokes. Reminds me of my youth, I'm probably your age!!
HogOne about 6 years ago