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WMB Conference 2010: Speaker Phillip Matthews

over 4 years ago

Phillip Matthews speaking at the WMB 2010 Conference in the Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin
WMB over 4 years ago
Hi Delores thanks for responding to Phillip's words on change for life, in terms of life long education. Good luck with 2010 and check out www.womenmeanbusiness.com :)
WMB over 4 years ago
I went back to education at the age of 40, I had no qualifications and was a waitress who had my moment of epiphany. I knew that I would just die and never realise that I was a clever woman. The first year, I got a level 2 English Communications, I went on to Lambeth college where I left as distinction student. I couldn't afford uni this year but am applying to go next year, I love the chances you give people and have given thought to doing some audio on Adult Education
Delores over 4 years ago