Vic Keegan Grills Ashley Highfield On Microsoft's Bing Search

over 6 years ago, Westminster, Greater London, United Kingdom

Ashley Highfield, of course, was one of the Microsoft plants at the BBC responsible, in part, for the Microsoft BBC iPlayer. There is still a coterie of them there weaving their influence, and it was no surprise when our Ashley left the BBC to join Microsoft. And, yes, as usual he is talking crap.
6tricky9 over 6 years ago
It's almost insulting. A lot of the things he describes are totally available in Google, including the ability to recognise BA47 is a flight. What is he talking about? The best website in Britain? What's this f**king Britain angle? Did they do some research with the BNP or something?
malbonster over 6 years ago
Looking forward to giving it a go, the interface looks a bit busy though.
kim3er over 6 years ago
So, yeah, does he think we were born yesterday? Search hasn't changed since the turn of the millennium? Vaporware certainly hasn't changed since then.

This is what's interesting about our cultural forebears. You ask actual questions.
drwh0 over 6 years ago
You can hear him squirm in his chair...
markrock over 6 years ago