My New Family

over 6 years ago

Not sure if comment notifications were working back when i recorded this. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone. It was great to get your comments in that crazy and amazing time.
Documentally over 6 years ago
taken me w hile to get round to saying so but this was great..
keep it up at thisrate and you could audioboo's first star
Samlukeanthony over 6 years ago
Nice one mate...took me right back to our birth ... enjoy! Just gets better and better every day :) This morning he told us he wanted a sister and then some juice ;)
altepper over 6 years ago
That was lovely :) The procedure you were talking about...was it the cup suction thingie or the things that looked like first was delivered with them....awful it was glad ur wife didnt seem to have the same ordeal. He is lovely....I'm surprised to see he hasnt a little beard though :P Congrats....hopefully youre all asleep now :)
Jikan over 6 years ago
Wonderful Christian! Thank you for sharing. You will be a fantastic dad!
Attitude over 6 years ago
So glad to hear it turned out well in the end, well done to the three of you (and the hospital staff). And congratulations!
mamucium over 6 years ago