Great Wall

over 6 years ago, Beijing, China

Awesome job Leo. This is audiotwitter and Leo is an early pioneer once again
meace1234 over 6 years ago
The story here is how well AudioBoo seems to be working in China. This could be huge!
craigshipp over 6 years ago
*g* the location/map looks funny: Leo is the middle of nowhere :)
masamedia over 6 years ago
You are sooo interesting to listen to. More More!
FreidasGarden over 6 years ago
I hiked about 7 miles of the Simatai region of the Great Wall last summer, it is really awe-inspiring. I haven't been on other parts of the wall, but apparently it is the most natural section (read: least restored) and also the least visited. Did you by any chance begin by taking a very creaky lift up or a zipline down across a river? Thanks for doing this, reminds me a lot of great memories!
scottburns over 6 years ago
Sticky rice holding up the Great Wall for 400 years that's crazy!!! Thanks Leo for introducing me to AudoBoo, I'm using it now. It's great!!!
livesuperman over 6 years ago