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An Opera for Carlow: Documentary Preview

about 4 years ago

Producer Helen Shaw, Assistant Producers Lisa Essuman and Paula Cunniffe, Sound editor Lochlainn Harte. An Athena Media production for RTE Lyric fm made with the support of the BAI Sound and Vision Funding Scheme.
athenamediaie about 4 years ago
The documentary 'An Opera for Carlow' airs on 1st July at 7pm on RTÉ lyric fm.
CarlowOpera about 4 years ago
Three years in the planning, one year in production, ‘An Opera for Carlow’ is the story of an extraordinary and unique community music and arts project led by conductor Fergus Sheil. Sheil, and his creative team composer Brian Irvine and director and writer John McIlduff, set up to create an opera from scratch working with the people of Carlow. On May 5th in the GB Shaw Theatre in Visual that opera ‘Shelter me from the Rain’ was premiered and this documentary produced by Athena Media is the story of the journey to that night and how the birth of that opera changed the lives of everyone involved.
CarlowOpera about 4 years ago