Leana Hosea speaks to Croydon looters on @bbcworldservice

over 4 years ago

The volume was set too low ::(
Arding almost 3 years ago
I don't know what to think! Speechless
Nespokill about 3 years ago
Sadly this is all too common of SOME of today's kids and adults too. This is what you get from a Nanny state. You get kids who push boundaries to the point that they can't see them. It's only natural.
Long since time that decent people stood up and shouted, No!
qdoscars over 4 years ago
I hope they don,t have any kids...because if that is there way of carrying on we are all doomed...Just imagine how they,d be dragged up.
lind08 over 4 years ago
My God. what an absolute bunch of moronic useless wasters...I hope these dimwits are prepared for when it comes back and bites them on their rotten A---S life has its own Justice...this will go full circle and come back on you ...you,ll see!
lind08 over 4 years ago
bring our troops home from afganistan and send them in to shoot the rioters, end of!
brym over 4 years ago