The Man in the Rubber Mask. Chapter 2

An audiobook version of a book I wrote in 1993-94 about life under Rubber as Kryten 2X4B 523P in the BBC sci-fi comedy series, Red Dwarf. It's a smegtastic ride through the era. #kryten #RedDwarf #RobertLlewellyn

over 4 years ago

Loving this, thanks for sharing.
nilling about 4 years ago
Despite being a Dwarfer since I were a teeny lad, it being embedded in my very DNA, I still somehow hadn't found my greasy mitts 'pon this beauty. Loving the splendid opportunity to bathe my ears in BarbecLlew Sauce. Thank you very much, sir. :-)
mr_tenn_pup about 4 years ago
Still have a battered old paperback of this. Still read it occasionally. Hilarious. The audio-book sounds even better..
regulationx about 4 years ago
I read The Man in the Rubber Mask not long after it was first published and really enjoyed it. Loving listening to your reading of it Robert! Please keep it up :)
technosith over 4 years ago